FRESHWOOD’s main objective is to provide more sustainable packaging, in order to satisfy its customers’ requirements and applicable legal requirements, assuming sustainability and innovation as strategic vectors. Therefore, we have made efforts to implement and manage a quality and food safety management system (GQ&SA) so that, in a systematic and sustained way, it is possible to develop sustainable packaging that adds high value to the company, our customers, to our employees and other business partners. The pursuit of this commitment is ensured through the following principles:

  1. Maintain a management system that meets the legal requirements of NP EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 22000 and other relevant parties, which guarantees the quality, compliance and food safety of processes and packaging;
  2. Investing in innovation and development of new packaging with greater design and added value and in line with sustainability, exceeding customer expectations and needs;
  3. Continuously improve the effectiveness of the QMS&SA, which enhances the planned results and the continuous improvement of processes, automating and reducing manual work and minimizing occupational diseases;
  4. Reduce and control all hazards related to Food Safety in packaging, in order to ensure the integrity of food products;
  5. Keep the communication plan active with all stakeholders (suppliers, customers, official entities and others), ensuring that hazards relevant to food safety are identified and adequately controlled;
  6. Ensure the skills of employees in the field of quality and food safety, mobilizing them to the need for continuous improvement of processes;
  7. Ensure compliance with professional ethics for the production of safe and innocuous packaging for consumers, informing them in a transparent way about any aspect of the products, as well as all associated risks, and carrying out immediate withdrawal in case of detection from any health risk;
  8. Promote equal opportunities and equal treatment in work, training and working conditions.